Tuto: Comment être aussi sexy qu'une super-héroïne ?

Tuto: How to be as sexy as a superheroine?

Whether it's guys or girls, we can say that superheroes never leave you indifferent! They inspire ideas, values ​​but they are also and above all real elastane fantasies ! But what can give them so much aura and sex appeal ? Could you try to be as seductive as these latex idols? Well I'll give you the answers by deciphering some pop culture icons, here we go!


Superheroine and controlled emotions

You may have already seen superhero movies like Batman, Superman or even Thor and if so, you most certainly have like many of us a little lewd thought every time you see your favorite character. appears on the screen: “Ah yeah anyway…”, “Hmmm…” or even “I don't have the same one at home!”. Well, these little thoughts, the film studios know very well that they provoke them and that it is part of your decision to see this or that film. If you are influenced by the plastic of your supermen in tights , that you could approve any of their decisions (even the stupidest), because you are subjugated by your tenacious ideas and good for your man it's exactly the same ! But how to explain so many desires provoked by a completely unreal character..?

Whether it's for Captain America's buttocks or Aquaman's bodybuilder's torso (just thinking about it... well, I'll go back!), you have to admit it, the first emotion a superhero causes you before even knowing what the story is going to be about is directly related to how it looks. And the first common point that you can give them is that their bodies are always highlighted! As it is a question here of helping you to be even more attractive by stealing some good ideas from them, we are therefore going to focus on the heroines so that you can above all find yourself hot and even satisfy your other half!

velvet bodysuit

  • Bodycon jumpsuit, leather pants and super mini skirt

Who says super-heroine says super-costume! Whether it's Batgirl's tight latex that reveals each of her assets in a slightly exacerbated way or Black Widow's leather jumpsuit with a discreet neckline, great outfits are always sexy! Mera (Aquaman), Wanda Maximoff (Avengers), Harley Quinn (The Suicide Squad) or even Catwoman (The Batman), all dress to enhance their figure with little outfits that perfectly fit the shape of their body , highlight their breasts (by increasing their volume with a push-up effect and/or revealing their cleavage ), and catch the eye at first sight! And even when Wonder Woman does less in the full bodysuit by showing a lot more skin, it's all about drawing attention to her best assets. With her thigh-high boots which make her legs long and endless, her super mini-skirt which is still too long in the eyes of some and her tight bustier which gives an indecent curve to her breasts , once again everything is done for the pleasure of the eyes and maintain my hatred towards Gal Gadot !


  • Sober and classy colors

All of the ones I've mentioned and many more not only look good, they taste good too! It's never about flashy yellow, neon green or Avatar blue. The super-costumes are always elegant and this is what reinforces the attractive side of these heroines. So you very often find derivatives of dark colors, as if you mixed your favorite colors with a few drops of black to make them even more mature!

full satin jumpsuit

  • The power of attraction

The only times you'll see your favorite heroines making a face or fucking like a Saturday night, it will be in a blooper or in a viral video! No, these characters are badass, cultivate an attitude and convey respect and mystery! You only have to look at the movie posters or their trailers to see how much attitude counts in the mystification of an icon (and just like in a trailer, when you want to please you don't have to show right away but that we talk about a little further down!). Even if a funny man will always attract you, a confident and mysterious look like the one Bon Jovi had on the poster in your room will always have its little effect! And if you don't know who Bon Jovi is, your Justin Bieber poster should speak to you! The attitude of superheroines/heroes is therefore very important in the emotion you feel watching them, it makes them sexy and it is partly one of their real powers… attraction!


  • Fictional but real sexy female characters

If there is one point that you do not suspect at first sight, it is this one! For a while now, I haven't been talking to you about cartoon characters or comics (even if comics are very good at highlighting the sex appeal of their heroines), I'm above all painting you the portrait of attractive icons played by real girls and that makes all the difference! For our men (as for us), unconsciously this makes them even closer, almost palpable, it participates in their fantasies and they know that you could quite transcribe the attractive character of their personality in our very real world.

And all this does not date from today because the first films or TV episodes which staged these characters, already bet on the sensual side of those who interpreted them. Except that going back in time you can realize that the word “ sexy ” had a completely different meaning! A few decades ago, if you had to play the heroines you would have had to forget the latex and dress in a first prize costume which today would seem completely kitsch to you! You only have to compare the Wonder Woman of the 80s and the Wonder Woman you know today and you will see how much the heroines have also suffered the wrath of fashion! We have therefore seen the patched and ultra- erotic leather of Catwoman (Batman: The Challenge), the generous breasts with protruding nipples of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), up to the naked body of Mystique (X-Men: The Beginning)!

leather effect long sleeve bodysuit

As I told you above, all these artifices, as attractive as they are, are made to provoke, to give rise to an emotion and even to control it to make you addicted and to ask for more, but it would be a shame to stop only 'to fiction...


How to have a superheroine look?

  • A sexy little outfit that looks like a heroine

Unless you invest in an ultra realistic cosplay that costs an arm and a leg, I will rather offer you little ideas that work very well. If you dare, the skin-tight fullsuit is totally in the theme! However, if you prefer to look like other heroines, for the bottom you can bet on tight leather or imitation leather pants! It totally respects the dress code of a superheroine and it's a guaranteed sexy asset ! And if you prefer to leave your pretty legs in the air, you can bet a Supergirl mini-skirt, guaranteed effect! To this you can add ankle boots (high or short depending on your outfit), or why not high heels to play the erotic side even more. Also think about choosing a nice belt which is one of the ultimate superhero outfit gadgets. And for what you're wearing underneath, no panties! Even though many are very naughty, I think Black Canary and Jean Gray haven't worn them for a long time! So whether it's lace or cotton, choose a thong or a tanga !

spaghetti strap bodysuit

For the top, you have a little more choice. If you choose leather pants, a padded bralette will be perfect to give shape to your breasts while partially covering part of your belly. By choosing it in the color of your stockings, it will give the impression of a very seductive complete set, without needing to add too much except for a few accessories such as cuffs or sexy mittens. The push up bra and leather jacket combo is also a must if you want to give yourself an ultra hot style! The basque is also very good for your little Elektra super-costume effect ! You can also choose a classic leather-effect bodysuit or the color of a super villain like Poison Ivy and if you opt for the mini-skirt, a long-sleeved bodysuit will be perfect. As for the colors, you just have to follow the advice I gave you above.

Also think about taking care of your makeup and your hairstyle, the heroines always take care of their looks down to the smallest detail and don't forget to always leave a little skin protruding, it makes you even more sensual and to judge it you can simply see the difference between Captain Marvel and Black Widow , the colors apart from their outfits are very close and yet Black Widow is much sexier with her slight neckline!

black lace bralette

  • Adopt a confident attitude to make you even sexier

Even if you're doing this for fun, keep in mind that your attitude is just as important as your undress . If you have chosen the right underwear and your mirror makes you smile to let you know that your outfit rocks, take the opportunity to work on your look and see what pose would make you the sexiest possible . And if you play the game of being the heroine that makes him fantasize, enter the scene with a line from his film... Guaranteed effect!


  • Develop your power of attraction

Now that you have chosen your sexy lingerie and you have worked on your attitude, all you have to do is provoke an emotion in the heart of your beloved! Capture his gaze, guess his thoughts and take pleasure in using this super power that you have just acquired, that of becoming irresistible !


That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed these valuable tips and I can't wait to hear what you think in the comments!

If you want more lingerie advice , don't hesitate to read my other articles on the underwear to wear for a first date or on the sensual lingerie to wear to play naughty games!

See you soon and girl power!

Axelle, Watsunder blogger


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Salut. Tu vas peut-être m’aider à me dévoiler un grand M-ystère! Oui, M-ystère!
Je suis un mec, donc jusque là rien d’exceptionnel, moi aussi j’aime les héroïnes 😇
Par contre, du côté de la gente féminine, je ne comprends pas le délire de la “petite jupe” de Thor?
Si j’en portais une, ferais-je le même effet (bien que lors d’une soirée affublée d’un petit tutu je me sois fait arponner le temps d’une nuit).


Merci pour les conseils !!:)


Merci pour ton article. J’adore les cosplay et ça m’a donné de nouvelles idées. Petit conseil, n’hésitez pas a mettre le paquet les mecs adorent.


Salut, ma copine m’a envoyé ton article et j’ai bien aimé. Je crois que ça ferait fantasmer beaucoup de garçons de voir leur copine en superheroine et franchement merci pour les conseils.


Salut Axelle, j’ai adoré ton article c’est une bonne idée ! Moi je suis plutôt team cuir et bralette je trouve ça badass, ça plaît à mon mec mais tu m’as donné d’autres idées sympa 😊


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