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Which lingerie to choose to meet?

If for you the dilemma of the dressing room is a real hassle when going out to meet people, know that I knew well and that I quickly understood that it was better to keep your best underwear for other occasions, let me explain !


The first time I asked myself the question, I got used to the opinions of my girlfriends for whom we are more likely to seduce with the sexiest underwear . So I followed their advice for the first moments when I wanted to please and put the odds on my side. So you are in front of your panties but today is not a day like the others, today you want to seduce! A boxer ? A string ? Red? Of black ? A set of lingerie or mismatched underwear? The answer seems as diverse as there are many of us and yet there are rules and over time, I realized that the choice of our underwear actually depends more on our attitude than on the thickness of the fabric we are going to wear...


What lingerie to wear to seduce?

That's it, you're ready to go! Another girls' night out and who knows what's in store for you? You opted for your favorite outfit, a black thong and bra. Under your light blouse, your dark tank top gives a glimpse of your pretty cleavage and you know that the thong you have chosen will be all the rage so much it highlights your buttocks. But isn't there something that's bothering you? Unless you meet in libertine clubs, it is very likely that you show up fully dressed! But then why, like me, did you worry about what you were going to be able to put on? Well the answer is quite simple because broadly you want to provoke a meeting that will be either discreet, private discussion, rapprochement and more if affinity. Either with the objective of getting noticed to be in the crowd, waiting for it to bite, or even by going directly into contact. This is why you will have to make your choices according to the meeting you want to do. So first advice, choose your lingerie according to the person you are ! Then comes the time of the first looks and words exchanged, like me you put on your 31 and you rely on your smiles and your lace to find the chosen one. Will your finery seduce?

padded bralette

Choose your underwear according to your personality

  • I am attractive but discreet…

If you're planning on chatting, flirting, and swapping your number for a more intimate date in the future, then you don't have to worry about choosing your panties for very long. And yes, either you will spend the evening dancing, or you will be sitting at a table sipping a cocktail and wondering if the one you have in front of you is the right one. So if you don't plan to end up in a bed that isn't yours , the only person who will know what you're wearing is you. And at worst, your girlfriends.

Maybe if your thong was sticking out of your pants it could help you attract attention, but if like me you're much more discreet in public than in your private life ( where I allow myself some madness ), well you'll understand that you don't need to wear your best lingerie because no one will take advantage of it. And quite frankly I would be very afraid of the type of guy I could attract by showing a bit of my thong in a way that was a little too daring…


However, I don't advise you to wear your favorite panties either, you know the one you put on to stay warm under your Netflix puff! Yes it is soft and comfortable but it could also be used to wipe the crumbs of chips on your coffee table! Indeed, even if your underwear remains discreet, the simple fact of knowing that we are wearing something naughty/cute is more reassuring and you will therefore be much more comfortable. From experience, I happened to go out not being too careful about what I was going to wear and strangely even if nobody knew anything about it, I didn't really feel the most natural . So stay attractive at least for you, string, boxer or even naughty panties , you will be the only one to know it but your relaxed attitude will send many messages to whoever knows how to decipher them!


As for your bra, choose it first according to the top you are going to wear. For my part, when I go to work I make sure to have the same colors, that my lingerie remains discreet , but when it comes to going out I like to play on subtlety. Let appear a darker color under a light top for example. It remains discreet, not provocative and highlights my style and my generous B cup! For example, you can match your bra to the color of your pants or your dress and thus avoid bad taste. Secondly, choose it so that you are as comfortable as possible. Don't put on a push-up just because you think guys will like it. Only do it if it suits your personality, your style, and you're not afraid of the stares that will land on your chest . Basically, stay natural, be yourself, that's the most important thing!


  • I'm sexy and I let it be known...

If, on the other hand, you want to highlight your shapes, dance and get noticed , then you can allow yourself to dare and I would even say more… Dare! To start, if you want to wiggle your hips and make the guys who are watching you crack, there is a good chance that their eyes will land on your buttocks by chance and there you will send a first message! Because if your pants are tight enough, they will reveal (or not) the demarcation of your panties . The title contenders will then be able to get an idea of ​​what you're wearing. And that's where you can already start making them dream! Preferably choose a string or a tanga. I'll tell you why. The advantage of the thong is that it becomes invisible , it only reveals the curves of your buttocks and believe me it is already enough! If it sticks to your attitude, you will look sexy , you will give the illusion of not wearing anything and you will attract many looks, you still have to know how to assume them! The tanga is also an excellent choice in my opinion because it is certainly less discreet, but that is what makes it very sexy. Because unlike classic panties where the demarcation is low and not very glamorous, here it will be much higher so slightly visible, identifiable, and in the mind of a guy yes the tanga is very attractive! This is the gift wrap par excellence! It lets the shapes appear without showing too much and only makes you want to see and touch what's underneath! Is it also suitable if you wear a skirt or a dress? Absolutely ! Because even if your panties aren't visible, you know what you're wearing and you'll be all the more natural for it!


And your breasts in all this ? Because at some point, you will have to start the conversation and they will be on the front line! Whether you have a small chest or a larger one, show it off! If you have chosen to bet on a beautiful neckline , like with a blouse or a tank top, you don't have to force it with a push-up that might not look very natural. I personally prefer my cleavage to show a bra that attracts attention, by its color or its embroidery and that gives a nice shape to my breasts , like with a padded bralette . They seem attractive and I would even say, palpable! In addition, let a beautiful pendant hang up to the top of your chest, it will sensually mark the limit between your neck and your breasts. If the neckline does not suit you, then choose a top that will highlight the shape of your chest. It can be a nice tight sweater or even a t-shirt that you can match with a bra that will give roundness to your breasts. Add to the sweater this time a longer pendant that goes down between your boobs to draw them better and if you prefer the t-shirt, its print alone will draw attention to your chest.

cotton and lace thong

Save your most beautiful lingerie for other moments...

There you go, I hope this will help you avoid tearing your hair out every time you go out dating ! And I even give you one last little tip! Whether you're discreet or a little less, if you're sleeping out tonight, I could almost advise you to put on the sexiest thing you have, but there's still a little subtlety! Yes because if you plan to have sex with your Romeo and you have made it clear to him and his brain is already in orbit! You may have put on your most beautiful finery, your fishnet stockings and your sexy lace , he will only be in a hurry to take it off! So unless you're wearing kangaroo briefs and ripped cotton, believe me there's a good chance he won't pay the utmost attention! Save your naughtiest lingerie for other times and I'll tell you about it in my Top 5 reasons to wear erotic lingerie !


And keep one thing in mind that is very important. Your chest is YOUR chest and your butt is YOUR butt! Among all the people you can seduce, some love big breasts, others don't. Some love it tight and luscious, others prefer it natural. The person with whom you are going to make your life will love them as they are and your booty is the same! So as I said above, be yourself! And when you've passed the meeting stage to go a little further, I invite you to discover which naughty lingerie you should wear for your games for two!


Do not hesitate to share your experiences with the community, see you soon and find your happiness in our collection of sexy underwear !

Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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Merci pour les conseil


Bonjour, merci pour votre article j’aurais aimé le lire il y a quelques années quand je cherchais mon futur mari mais je l’ai envoyé à ma fille pour qu’elle arrête de se prendre la tête. Odile.


Bonjour Axelle j’ai beaucoup aimé votre article et merci d’avoir pris soin de détailler les femmes qui sont à l’aise et celles qui le sont moins. J’ai déjà rencontré mon mari depuis des années et certaines lignes m’ont fait penser à moi alors j’ai trouvé ça très amusant à lire. Merci à vous.


Salut ! Pareil de mon côté pour ce qui est des premiers conseils de mes copines :) Plus tard quand j’ai rencontré mon homme en soirée, je pensais même pas faire une rencontre donc j’avais pas fait d’effort, ba du coup j’étais genée lol. Donc oui je comprends ce que tu dis et si j’avais à recommencer je ferai plus attention :)


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