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What lingerie to wear to play naughty games?

If you're wondering what will make him happy while wanting to dress the way you want and not just the way you should, then I'll be able to give you some answers! And so that I can help you choose, I'm going to share my experience with you.

I personally took a little time to feel good about my body . I may not really have to blush, but you know how we are always finding forms here and there. So I had a period during which I had trouble assuming my body , then as time passed and having a darling who always knew how to put me in confidence , I was able to free myself and fully assume myself, here is some advice based on how you feel about yourself.


I don't find myself attractive enough

If this is your case, the question is already to know why you have this feeling. Is it because someone made inappropriate remarks to you? Because a part of your body bothers you? Because you compare yourself to other women? Know that if you are in a relationship it is because he or she finds you beautiful and now it is up to you to find yourself pretty . You're going to have to gain confidence in yourself , I know it's easier said than done but I know!


So the first thing to do is choose lingerie that will bring out the parts of you that you find most desirable . Let me explain ! If you don't like your buttocks, I don't recommend wearing a thong. He won't hide them but you, on the other hand, will try to hide them and since the goal is to show off to increase the pressure, so wear something that will remain attractive while partially hiding them. For example, a pair of boxers with suspenders and stockings that let some of your skin color through or even a shorty with high striped socks , this allows you to present yourself without showing too much. You will then be very desirable, relatively hidden and then if what you prefer is your chest then make sure to make it alluring ! Obviously no faults of taste, stay in the same color as the stockings and choose a shape and a material that will allow a maximum of skin to pass without either wearing only bits of string! For example, a bustier that will reveal your breasts with transparent lace or a very low-cut shape, or a more provocative bra than the ones you wear every day.


And of course the opposite also works! If you are complexed by your chest , choose a top that will give your breasts a nice shape, which hides them a little but not too much to learn to assume them and if that is not enough, you can make it more discreet under a blouse unbuttoned , effect guaranteed! And for the bottom then you can choose panties in fine fabric , through which you do not hide your beautiful assets or even a pair of thongs and fishnet stockings without forgetting garters and high heels ! However, don't forget that above all you have to feel good in what you wear and I'm not just talking about comfort, but also and above all about well-being, so don't be under pressure and take your time ! And as for the ideal colors to choose, I invite you to read a little further down.

lace panties and ribbons

I'm good in my body

If you are comfortable with your figure, then you can afford all the crazy things you want. You can just be naughty or really play erotic . If you prefer to bring out your naughty side, you can for example bet on the t-shirt/panties combo to which you can add high striped socks , you will give yourself an innocent look which, believe me, causes immediate effects ! You can also dress yourself in a blouse and a mini-skirt , these are the ideal clothes for a light outfit that lets your sexiest lingerie appear.


If you prefer to be erotic , then you can dress as you wish. Whether it's a thong, tanga or panty set, you can always add a sexy touch by adding accessories such as stockings, suspenders, ankle boots or high heels .

The most important thing here is that you have to choose underwear colors that are the very colors of eroticism. I give you some advice!


I choose my lingerie according to my skin color

I have fair skin:

    • Black : This is the color that brings out the color of your skin the most. It is chic and distinguished and it highlights both your lingerie and your body. You can easily see your skin in contrast to the fabric and you can pair this shade with almost any wardrobe.


    • Red : The color of desire par excellence. In itself it is an invitation to look and touch. Here the attention will therefore be much more focused on the underwear themselves, you can dress in black or white to bring out the red and certain shades of brown go together very well too, they bring a warm and difference of neutral colors.


    • White : A discreet and pure color. As it approximates the color of your skin, it will emphasize your figure above all else. No worries about getting dressed, everything will be fine.


    • Purple : This is the “Wasteunder” color . She exudes a very sensual emotion that is easily highlighted but with white and black only. It's usually a mix of hues that inspire maturity and elegance.


    I have dark skin:

    • Black : This remains a safe bet. It merges more with your body but keeps its classy and sexy tone. Here you can absolutely bet on light colors other than white to contrast with your skin and your lingerie in order to bring out the whole thing better.


    • White : Always this pure color which emphasizes your lingerie and your body by its contrast. You can absolutely think about dressing in light or even pale colors, and black too to put your dress even more in evidence.


    • Pale pink : A soft color with a sweet and elegant connotation. Yes, it's a color that our brain easily associates with sweets, so it's a nice invitation to the sense of taste that you can preferably combine with light shades to keep this sweet spirit.


    This is obviously a list that you can complete and share if you wish, in order to share your different experiences!

    lace lingerie set

    Naughty games: With or without my lingerie?

    Indeed you can ask yourself the question of whether you will only use your lingerie as an aperitif or if you want to keep it for the main course! If you prefer to take it all off, that's to your credit! If however you want to keep your underwear I will share my experience with you! In my opinion, it's a good idea to keep them on when you play your naughty game , it contributes to your accomplice moment with your other half by prolonging the excitement caused by your outfit. As I say in my article on panties , keeping your underwear on can sometimes be very attractive! Then you can remove what is necessary little by little , never too quickly, your lingerie is precious and so are you! So let yourself discover slowly to continue to see the reactions you provoke and find yourself beautiful because you are!


    I hope that these few lines will have helped you to have some answers. As you have understood, there are underwear for all of us, so don't hesitate to browse our erotic underwear and sexy lingerie collections to find what will best show you off!

    Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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    Salut ! J’avoue que je suis plutôt du genre à me prendre la tête et parfois un peu trop alors merci pour ton article. :)


    Merci à toutes pour vos retours ça fait plaisir !

    Axelle, blogueuse Watsunder

    Bonjour et merci pour les conseils j’ai aimé lire votre article et j’ai même passé une commande pour faire plaisir à mon mari.


    Merci pour tes conseils, je suis un peu complexée par ma poitrine alors je triche un peu et oui ça me permet d’être plus à l’aise ! Pour le bas tout va bien mais je prends note de la tenue t shirt culotte et chaussettes j’ai pas essayé.


    Bonjour et merci pour vos conseils. C’est plaisant de lire que toutes les femmes ne sont pas pareilles et qu’il faut les aider en fonction de leur confiance en elle. Je me suis bien reconnue alors merci. Je ne fais pas beaucoup d’effort parce que je ne me trouve pas toujours belle mais oui il faudrait peut-être que je choisisse des sous vêtements qui me rendront plus jolie. Du coup j’ai commandé sur votre boutique et j’ai hâte de recevoir ma commande. Je vous remercie et bonne journée. Louise.


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