Sexy Thongs


An undergarment as discreet as naughty.

The thong is perfect for keeping a discreet lingerie whether in your daily life, or during your sports activities by only showing the roundness of your buttocks without any demarcation. Only when you have nothing left to hide it does it reveal your true power of attraction.

Lingerie that matches your style

Whether you are rather sexy, elegant or very naughty , you will find the style of thong that suits you. Beyond being a simple underwear, the thong is perfect to let you see the person you are at first glance.

An ever more varied collection of underwear

  • Lace V-String
  • cotton V-String
  • naughty V-String
  • sexy V-String
  • High waist V-String
  • string V-String

Without forgetting all the other models that you will find in our selection.

So express your style and treat yourself.

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