Top 5 des raisons de porter de la lingerie érotique

Top 5 reasons to wear erotic lingerie

To start, let's get things straight. Even if some small outfits are sometimes very exotic, erotic does not mean vulgar! I would never advise you on anything that is in bad taste and that might make you look like you're not. No, the idea is that you feel beautiful , attractive and that you strengthen the confidence that you have in yourself, so here we go!

The first time I tried naughty lingerie , even very naughty, I felt like I was rediscovering my body! Even if in everyday life I do the bare minimum to feel pretty and I like to wear beautiful underwear , it must be said that in intimate life the bare minimum is not always the most exciting. Yes, we can remain completely desirable in the eyes of his or her sweetheart, but sometimes when routine sets in, our underwear ends up much faster on the floor than when we dare to get ready to add a little spice to our couple life. So I'm going to give you a few situations in which a more daring outfit than usual will be welcome...


1 - I want to surprise

Above all, don't tell him anything! Don't ask him what he thinks of your future underwear collection, what color or shape he would like. Surprise him! There is a good chance that at your stage you know his tastes and desires. He has already pointed out to you that this color of bra was not his favorite and that you already have four black thongs. So you know how you're going to be able to surprise her, so take the time to choose lingerie that's different from what you're used to wearing. The goal, as I told you, is to surprise the other and if this is your first attempt at this style, then surprise yourself ! Test your limits and of course even if he must like it, don't forget that you must first of all like it because if you don't, you risk not being the most comfortable and even if it's not mean, the simple little remark could discourage you from going further. Whereas if you feel beautiful and well it will be felt in your attitude , your guilty looks , your naughty smiles and your sweet words . Now all you have to do is present your curves to him as he has never seen them before and the ideal in my opinion is to surprise him in your routine, by joining him in bed, finishing your restaurant evening or even while playing his favorite game!

That's it, you've managed to capture his attention and the surprise you see in his eyes makes you even more beautiful and desirable . But don't save your bad habits for today, out of the question to go too fast and immediately take off what you enjoyed putting on! So take advantage of this intimate moment to increase the pressure, to perhaps discover new reactions and even to discover a new "Us". Because in many couples, some do not dare to talk about their little fantasies and their naughty desires .

sexy body pantyhose

2 - I want to satisfy his fantasy

Taking part in the fantasy of your other half is one of the most exciting intimate moments to do. This allows you to get out of your routine by playing a role that will increase the desire and strengthen the sensual bond that unites you. It is a moment that is very often turned towards the other, your pleasure is then to please. Some people dream of a superheroine in an unbuttoned costume, others prefer more direct games where the less fabric the better, thongs , transparent panties , garter belts , fishnet stockings and the list goes on and on! You can then be half-naked or even fully clothed, it all depends on the role you have to play for your partner, but very important, even if it's the other person's pleasure that takes precedence, don't forget yourself because a fantasy is not only an outfit, but it is also and above all the attitude that goes with it! So as I say very often, do it only if you feel capable of it ! I will therefore try to advise you according to the feeling you have towards yourself.


  • I'm feeling good

If in his fantasy you need to be very lightly dressed and you are completely comfortable with your body, it will only be easier. You can then easily choose the underwear and accessories that will suit her by respecting her desires, the color of your lingerie, the style of your bra and the shape of your panties. If he prefers not to find out right away what you're wearing, then my advice is to always make sure your naughty lingerie is still slightly visible. For example by unbuttoning your shirt a little to let your bra appear, or by letting him see what you're wearing downstairs. This will increase the pressure and prolong your intimate moment . Now you can show up to him in your finest attire, start making him shiver and the rest of the story is yours!


  • I feel less comfortable

However, if like me you have a little trouble (at least at first), well you can of course wear exactly what he wants while presenting yourself as I said above, with a dressier outfit that will still show your strengths . This will give you confidence and give you time, little by little, to undress so that he discovers his fantasy, you! You can also do something that I continue to do and that I love, it is simply to present yourself only with your lingerie set without anything on top, but by playing with the light . You can either dim the brightness or choose a bulb that changes color. This will make you more discreet and set an ideal atmosphere for your private moment.

lace lingerie set

3 - I want to fulfill my fantasy

And yes you have the right to have some too! They are as many and different as we all are, but you may want to take this opportunity to dress as sexy as you want , to feel that you are a pleasure to look at , to feel desirable or even sometimes to wake up eyes that over time have fallen asleep. That's why getting out of your habits and wearing underwear that invites your other half to join in your most intimate desires and desires is very important, it allows you to discover or rediscover your naughty side to the other, or simply to go a little further in your most intense hugs! Indeed the simple fact of playing a role can quite bring out a part of your unconscious, break down some barriers and understand you even better so take advantage of it!

However, be careful not to overdo it! Because yes, even if all these little games are among the most pleasant, you must keep in mind that these moments must remain opportunities at the risk of becoming routines and therefore losing their preciousness. So keep your most erotic lingerie in your drawers until these private moments, it will be even more valuable!

strappy lingerie set

4 - I want to have better self-confidence

Going back a little in time, I remember that I was not very attentive to what I wore under my clothes. The choice of my panties or my bra really took second place. That's right, why bother dressing sexy if no one is enjoying it? We get up, get dressed, go to class or to work and then come home thinking we'll make an effort for Saturday night… Well, I've discovered the answer over time. I hadn't realized before how wearing beautiful lingerie could give you so much self-confidence !

To illustrate this, a little scenario! It has certainly happened to you too, if you know that you are dressed like a bag , then you have the attitude that goes with it and you know very well that you are not putting any chance on your side to seduce. You will find it difficult to sustain the gaze of a handsome stranger and even less to engage him in conversation! Whereas when you are well dressed you are much more confident ! Well for your lingerie it's the same, that no one knows what you're wearing, that's not what's most important. It is above all to please you and who needs this confidence to feel good . So if you pay attention to what you wear underneath, by putting on a bralette in which you think you look beautiful or by wearing a lace thong because it gives you a nice buttocks and well that will raise your level of confidence , you you will feel sexy and it will show in your attitude! And if you dare, you will see that by wearing naughty lingerie that no one will see, neither friends nor colleagues, I can assure you that it will change your behavior! To put it simply, if you yourself find yourself sexy then you will be sexy in the eyes of others !

sexy lingerie set

5 - I want to express my personality

As I said in the introduction, erotic does not mean vulgar. There are little outfits with very different styles, from the glamor of a lace basque and garter belt to string underwear that is as chic as it is explicit! So you can choose according to your tastes but also according to the person you are!

  • If you are rather reserved

You can opt for a body that will make you very sexy without showing too much and since there are several kinds, you will be able to find the one that suits you very easily! Basque sets are perfect too! They are elegant , very sexy , give an image of a mature woman and are ideal for not leaving your whole body half naked by covering you from the top of your chest to your hips. Add to that stockings to cover your legs while making them attractive and you'll just have to show yourself in your best outfit!

  • If you're not afraid to dare

You can then afford any type of underwear ! From open panties, to body tights, even including adornments all in straps or strings. As long as it fits your personality then you can have fun. You will then express your full confidence and your enterprising attitude will have to have its effect!

sexy basque set

So much for this little top and as you will see in my article on Billie Eilish's glamorous lingerie , wearing your lingerie full of temptations is a real pleasure for both you and the person looking at you! I hope you enjoyed these few lines and I can't wait to see your feedback in the comments!

See you very soon on Watsunder and don't hesitate to take a look at our collection of erotic underwear for even more pleasure for two and in our collection of sexy underwear to simply feel even more attractive!

Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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merci pour ce top. Je suis trop fan de la lingerie érotique et je le conseille à toutes et comme c’est écrit plus haut, il ne faut pas avoir peur d’en porter et il faut simplement y aller étape par étape si on est pas à l’aise. À bientôt.


Merci pour ton top !


Hello ! Aussitôt lu aussitôt commandé !🤗 Moi c’est surtout pour me sentir belle que j’aime la lingerie érotique, le reste vient tout seul (normalement….) En tous cas d’autres top ça serait bien, merci !


Salut Axelle ! Je viens de lire ton article sur les super héroïnes et comme elles sont sexy cet article m’a bien plu aussi. Je trouve que la lingerie érotique si on l’a pas essayé c’est dur de se faire une idée. Moi ça m’a pris du temps mais maintenant je me connais et c’est juste pour certaines occasions.


Merci pour votre article, ça donne envie de se prendre au jeu et de faire plaisir. Moi qui manque de confiance et bien je pense que je vais essayer d’appliquer vos conseils. Merci à vous.


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