Peut-on être aussi sexy en culotte qu'en string ?

Can you be as sexy in panties as in a thong?

Maybe while being in your thong/tanga/shorty routine you never really asked yourself the question, so panties are has-been and absolutely not sexy. And yet! Believe me, this piece of fabric that you abandoned to go from childhood to young adulthood has a lot to say about you and your attentions!


The panties, memory of your childhood

If you had a relatively normal childhood, I doubt you wore thongs back then! For my part and as far as I remember… no! When you were a child, the idea was not really to give you style , even if your mom (or your dad sometimes), could opt for cuter underwear than others but it was simply a question of covering you properly . You didn't really have a choice and to tell the truth, you most certainly didn't care because you had no idea how important it would become later to seduce , feel beautiful or simply please yourself . ! So you knew those famous cotton panties, the ones that haven't been part of your drawers for a long time, as if to draw a line under your past...


Your adolescence and your first real underwear

That's it, you're blowing out your last carefree young candles! The ones that make you switch to the dark side of a woman's life! Just between the innocence of your childhood and the dull and monotonous routine of your adult life. You don't realize yet how many changes are taking place in your head but it's happening little by little… You start by paying a little more attention to the pictures in the magazines. You see your girlfriends coming out of their chrysalises . You start to look at yourself differently in the mirror of your bathroom and you no longer see your poster of Britney Spears in the same way! Not because you don't like his songs anymore, but because you think it's nice to have a pretty navel in the air between his crop top and his jeans! And POP ! Like an idea that has just sprung up in you, it is now time to assert your personality !

set of 3 lace panties

Among all the choices available to you, that of your lingerie is one of the first! You no longer just want to feel comfortable but also and above all to feel yourself as you want to be. As your chest grows over time and the choice of your first real bras arrives, the question of what other underwear you want to wear is self-evident. No more cotton panties, Britney does not wear them! You are therefore moving towards finer, more attractive fabrics, in which you will have the feeling of being a real young adult, beautiful and confident .

Small aside! Remember those times! When you were convinced that you were beautiful wearing these underwear which were (normally) well hidden under your clothes. It gave you more confidence, more assurance. So if you've lost that feeling, don't hesitate to read the “ Top 5 reasons to wear erotic lingerie ” where I deal precisely with the confidence that sexy underwear can give you! And if you're still so confident anyway, read anyway! 3,2,1… we resume!

So you choose thongs or boxers but like for many of us, the thong becomes one of your favorite underwear . It is available in several models, in lace, nylon, with a small bow or in simple string. So you don't wear it because your mom tells you to wear it, but because you chose it!

lace panties and ribbons

From your young adolescence to your life as a woman

For years and years, you continue to wear your sexy underwear and you swear by your favorite thongs because they leave no demarcation, that you always find them pretty and that they please sir (or madam), at least if he looks at you, but that's another matter! So you have your little habits and the idea of ​​buying panties for a reason other than to be comfortable on Sunday doesn't even cross your mind. And I have to tell you, the word “ panties ” doesn't really make you think of seduction ! Yet if I told you that you can break this little limiting belief and that you can feel confident and attractive in panties! I'll tell you why...


  • Wearing panties gives you a naughty side

If you haven't already, you can already imagine his reaction when he sees you in panties and striped socks while wearing one of his favorite t-shirts . This image is very cliché but it is one of the ideal naughty little outfits when you want to give your better half a big hug and as long as you've made braids, I let you imagine what's going on in his cerebellum! Yes because at that time, he no longer has a brain but a cerebellum! Now take the same picture, put on a thong and take off your socks. You will no longer have this naughty look, you will simply be in a t-shirt and a thong for one more hug...

set of naughty panties

  • Panties make you want to see what's underneath

Unlike your thong which eliminates all mystery by revealing your beautiful round buttocks , your panties are the perfect gift wrap! We see the shape of the gift that we are already preparing to love but we really want to look at what is under this beautiful packaging! You can of course cause the same effect with a shorty that will cover your buttocks without showing too much! And that's what makes panties attractive (when they're well chosen), they're simply there to make you guess what's hidden underneath, just as much as your sexy lingerie is made to raise the temperature rather than by showing you directly naked.

sexy panties

  • The panties are reminiscent of the bikini bottom

It may seem silly and yet it is obvious! Even though I know your tan doesn't like it, bikini bottoms when they look much closer to panties than thongs are always sexier! Where the thong may seem more "vulgar", we quickly assimilate the beach panties to its two-piece swimsuit set, at this time of the year when you are in a little outfit that turns heads! Yes, a pretty woman in a bikini will always be sexy for a cerebellum!


So you understood, choosing a nice cut, a nice model, it's all a matter of context ! Your panties are therefore as sexy as your thongs if you take care to dress them for the right occasions! So I grant you, yes sometimes they can get in the way of slipping into your famous SIF , but that's only anecdotal when you see how effective they can be! And in my article on women's lingerie fashion, you'll see that panties have gone through so many trials that it would be a shame to forget them!

I hope you enjoyed these few lines! Do not hesitate to share them and let us know your opinion in the comments!

See you soon and take a look around our collection of thongs, shortys and panties to find the underwear that looks like you!

Axelle, Watsunder blogger.


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Salut ! Moi aussi je suis plutôt culottes ça reste très sexy aussi et mon mec préfère aussi même si de temps en temps il aime quand je suis un peu plus “nue”. En tous ça merci pour ton article.


Salut merci pour ton article, très sympa !


Je suis team culotte aussi, toujours pleins de modèles et oui il y a en a toujours des très sexy 😊


Bon ba je crois que je vais faire un peu de shopping !Je suis plutôt team string mais j’ai craqué pour la culotte avec le petit cœur trop mignonne !


Salut les filles ! Moi c’est plutôt culotte à la maison et string ou tanga à l’extérieur. Par contre à la plage jamais de maillot string, je trouve que ça fait pouf 😅


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