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Is lingerie fashionable?

A few centuries ago you didn't wear panties!

I suggest you go back in time! Your smartphone does not yet exist and you will do without your favorite dating site since here you will have to do them live! From the Middle Ages to the 18th century, the only people who wore panties were… men! In fact, what they called "panties" would today be called "pantacourt", a piece of fabric that only came down to the knees and was worn with stockings, yes stockings! So here you are, a young virgin strolling in the wind in the streets of your village when suddenly a not too bad young beggar catches your eye . You would surely like to make fun of her underwear while you, young lady, have your pussy in the air! And yes ! At that time, wanting to be one of the first influencers, only Catherine de Medici wore underpants when she rode a horse, you only wear a kind of white shirt, in silk or canvas, as underwear . You will have to wait until the beginning of the 19th century so that you can finally cover your cat!


So you're wearing one of your usual dresses but out of decency it's out of the question that a fabric can be seen under it! The period lingerie pants are therefore shortened and here you are in your first panties! You will wear them for years and years, always the same shape but sometimes you will allow yourself some madness on the colors by going from a white, to a white a little less white!


The time for change is coming! Over the years, our intimate hygiene presenting its limits and the skirts becoming shorter and shorter, new solutions had to be found and it is at this moment that your panties are seen being planed by several centimeters to finally go up to above the knees. It even becomes mandatory in some cases, especially when joining your beggar dressed in your most beautiful crinoline , you want to sit down without having to show your privacy to everyone. Strange fact when you know that at this time even if your man's panties are closed, yours is all open in order to remain practical during possible antics and for urination (to pee).


But you now live in the 20th century, your dress style evolving with fashion, you wear ever more tight-fitting dresses and your panties still need a scissor cut! And here is your first short panty ! In 1918 it was Pierre Valton, the creator of " Petit Bateau " who imagined the shorts as you know them today. Then from the 60s, your underwear evolved again from cotton to lace, from white to black and a few years later, here you are wearing thongs or boxers!

thong with lace and bows

The panties from your drawers...

That's it, you got your smartphone back and you can reactivate your account on AdopteUnGueux ! You now have in your drawers lingerie that no longer only has a practical meaning, but also and above all the lingerie that you like . You adapt it to your outfit by choosing thong or shorty , elastane or lace depending on the situation. You are simultaneously influenced by your girlfriends, advertising or even a blog! Because today panties are no longer just for all women, they are for you personally. Designers have understood this well and thanks to them you can find a multitude of colors or models , but not to make you wear women's lingerie in the broad sense but rather to make you wear YOUR women's lingerie. The one you're wearing right now just as much as the one you'll be wearing tomorrow or when you want to please your better half and that's why at Watsunder , we choose our collections so that you can find the lingerie that looks like you !


Your panties today and tomorrow...

So you saw your panties lose fabric from generation to generation when you went from lingerie pants to thongs twine! And tomorrow, what will your panty drawer look like ? Beyond fashion and comfort remaining all the same an essential element, you will most certainly always wear boxers or thongs in the styles you know today, evolution will not be played out there. It will be done rather in materials that will make your underwear even closer to your skin until it merges with it or in synthetic materials capable of adapting to the shape of your body as well as those of your best friends. The appearance of menstrual panties is the perfect example of this evolution by offering you panties that are no longer only cute but also useful and pleasant . The question now is: What will your grandchildren say about the underwear you are wearing today?

black lace bralette

Your lingerie is no longer just a fashion...

As you have understood, your panties and your underwear in general are no longer just fashion effects, as may have been the case a few centuries ago when women were experiencing great changes in their lifestyles. Today your lingerie has become a real means of expression . Whether scrolling on social networks, listening to your girlfriends or browsing the underwear collection, appearance is today at the forefront of the choice of lingerie by advocating the fabrics that will enhance us the most. . Whether you are thin or round, with light or dark skin, you can always find the lingerie that suits you, that will make you pretty in the eyes of one or another and in which you yourself will find yourself beautiful . And if you doubt the attractive side of panties, I advise you to read my article on sexy panties !


I hope you enjoyed this little trip back in time and if you have an idea of ​​what you think would be the ideal panties, don't hesitate to share it with the community!

Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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Salut Axelle ! Personnellement j’imagine bien une culotte sexy qui absorbe mieux les odeurs pour être un peu moins sur la réserve en cas de frotti-frotta improvisé !😀


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