Women Panties


Lingerie to assert your personality.

Express your sexy style, assume your cozy side or simply treat yourself by wearing the lingerie that will give you the best self-confidence. At Watsunder we do everything so that you can let your personality live by wearing the underwear that suits you.


Panties, shorty or thong, a bottom for every day.

A tanga for your seduction operations, comfortable panties for your cozy sleeps or even a thong to remain discreet during your gym sessions, we have selected the underwear that you will enjoy wearing while keeping style.


Feminine underwear from the coziest to the most daring.

  • cotton panties
  • cheeky panties
  • Trendy thong
  • Naughty shorty
  • Lace thong
  • open panties

    Not to mention all the other underwear that will complete your drawers. So treat yourself to the lingerie in which you will feel even more confident. And if you are looking for a complete set, do not hesitate to take a look in our lingerie set collection.