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Billie Eilish: From streetwear to glamor

If like many of us you've ever hummed the tune to ' Bad Guy ' then you most definitely know who Billie Eilish is but do you know what she's wearing? Far from her usual dress style, she surprised the internet by posing in sexy lingerie during a photo shoot for " Vogue " magazine and revealed a part of her that was very well hidden so far! Indeed, under her pink corset , her flesh-colored set or her transparent black bodysuit , Billie Eilish has gone from a rebellious teenager to a real femme fatale ! Of course, these outfits are only to be worn for certain occasions, but whether you're a fan of the star or not, you still have to admit that these photos show one simple thing to remember, any woman who assumes herself can completely highlight by choosing the right lingerie! So if you too want to put the odds on your side to bring out your glamorous side, then let's dissect together the different pieces that the star wears so that you can understand how it works!


So I'm going to describe three photos to you which I think are very good examples if you want to express your sensuality. These photos being of course the work of artists, unfortunately I cannot present them to you here but you will find them on the Konbini website.


Pale colors and pink corset

Glamor is not expressed by bright colors, on the contrary they are rather discreet (black, pink, pale pink, white…), remain discreet by very often approaching the color of the skin and the cover of "Vogue" is a perfect example. You will be able to notice that here it is only a question of a main tone, pink and I would even say powder pink. Nothing stands out, the colors are sober and Billie Eilish even dyed her hair blonde, abandoning her natural brown for the occasion. Indeed nothing stands out, or almost! If all of her outfit and makeup stay in the same shades, don't you notice that your attention is very quickly focused in one place? Indeed her corset is slightly darker than the rest and therefore contrasts more with her skin and her skirt, it's exactly the right thing to do when you want to highlight your chest, you have to differentiate it! Regardless of its size, keep in mind that your corset or bustier alone will enhance your breasts if you know how to choose the right colors!

lace set

Body and suspenders, beige and shades

While you can spot the star perched on her heels and wearing a long coat, you can see that once again the colors stay the same shade ranging from dark beige to pale beige. The intention on this shot is to make your eyes lay on her bodysuit first , that's what the shades are for. Indeed you will be able to notice that starting from the left or the right of the photo, your gaze will stop alone on the flesh color of her lingerie set, from her bodysuit to her garters. Even if everything is self-explanatory, the coat is of great use because it serves to bring a part of mystery that invites you to want to discover what is underneath. It's a little touch that's both glamorous and naughty , you could totally imagine yourself wearing one closed from top to bottom so that your other half discovers you little by little! Then how not to distinguish his legs? They seem long thanks to the vertical line drawn on each of her stockings, and sensual by letting the color of her skin shine through. Her stockings highlighting them by bringing the darkest shade of her underwear and that's where it all works! Because if the color of her stockings were the same as the top, then you would no longer distinguish between the sexy and high and the charm of the bottom . You must therefore mark slight contrasts to bring out the different parts of your body independently and thus attract the eye where you choose!


Black and transparency bodysuit

Here the tone is a little more provocative ! Dressed in both plain and transparent black, the idea here is to draw your gaze as much to her body as to her face by marking the contrasts. You can see that her makeup stays light and sober , her blonde hair almost blends in with the color of her skin and so it brings out all of her lingerie. This fine lace that dresses her whole body makes her sensual and this plain black outfit draws your attention to her neckline and her silhouette . Of course, you don't have to wear the exact same underwear to look this good! You can absolutely wear any other type of lingerie that will contrast with the color of your skin and hide it slightly. A bodysuit with stockings and cuffs, for example, would be the most beautiful effect, and would also combine business with pleasure by allowing you to put it all on more easily and allowing it to take it off more easily too! Do not hesitate to take a look in our collection of erotic underwear to find the ones that will make you even more irresistible!

erotic lingerie set

Three unique photos but one essential common point!

If you have paid close attention to these pictures, you have certainly noticed that despite their differences there is one thing that brings them together enormously. Apart from the accessories which of course play their part in the whole outfit, the essential point (and I talk about it very often on our blog!) is the A-TTI-TUDE ! Indeed on all her shots, Billie Eilish seems almost inexpressive, it makes her mysterious , charismatic , almost untouchable and that is a very big part of the impression that these photos gave you. Lingerie alone is not enough to bring out the emotion you want to share. Whether you want to look glamorous, sexy, sensual, naughty or provocative, you have to have the attitude to match . If you are already as you have chosen to dress then you will be comfortable and your message will be understood very quickly. But if you want to be glamorous or provocative and that's not part of your character, there's one simple thing you can remember. You can totally be the one you want for a naughty game or a photo shoot and if you doubt it, don't hesitate to do some private fittings between your mirror and you so that you can both see what you will make the other person see and also realize that the simple fact of wearing your lingerie will make you want to play this small role and therefore have the attitude that goes with it!


I hope you liked this little test description and if you want to go a little further, take a look at my article on erotic lingerie to discover my top 5!

Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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Gracias por tu artículo, nunca lo había visto así y es realmente precioso. ¡Quiero parecerme a ella!


Amazing woman, really beautiful !


Merci pour ton article Axelle. Je suis trop d’accord avec ce que tu dis sur l’attitude c’est juste essentiel. Je me suis laissée tenter par l’ensemble rouge mon copain va adorer c’est sa couleur préférée ! :)


Salut Axelle, je viens de découvrir les photos et je suis très surprise elle est vraiment très belle oui! Ça donne envie de se mettre en valeur comme elle. Je viens pour la première fois sur votre blog et je trouve que c’est super bien décrit! Et oui j’ai remarqué aussi son attitude sur les photos et ça joue trop bien sur ce qu’elle dégage, j’adore. Merci à vous.


Mais what ! Mais elle est trop belle là !😍😍😍


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