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Top 5 different bras you should have in your wardrobe

It was while sorting through my closet that I realized that there were 5 styles of bras that I would never want to get rid of! While for years I swore only by the sexiest looking underwear , for nothing in the world would I want to go back and for a good reason, for each situation its bra !


1 - The cotton bra

    As soft as your favorite pajamas and almost as cute as your lace bras, the cotton bra is the comfort solution for every day! So your day is over and you just want to feel comfortable, because your priority is no longer to please or feel attractive, you just want to feel good . You could totally imagine putting on one of your other bras or even not putting anything on at all, but believe in my experience, for cozy moments, there is nothing better than the softness and suppleness of cotton! It is breathable enough in the summer and warm enough for the winter. It doesn't hinder any of your movements and it doesn't forget the style either! You will keep a natural chest while remaining alluring in case a little cuddling session should be improvised! So save your lace for later and just enjoy feeling good in your cozy bra !

    cotton bra

    2 - The sports bra

      Could you imagine yourself working out in heels? If the answer is yes, don't hesitate to give us the recipe! And if not, then why not do the same for your chest ? When I started doing a bit of running, I hadn't yet understood the importance of a fitness bra ! I put on a strap every two minutes feeling my generous B cup swaying as if it were all excited to go for a walk and that's not to mention the irritation! Nothing better to want to stop running!

      So I decided to look at fitness underwear and without trying too hard to really know how it worked, I quickly understood the difference from the first minutes! No more annoying straps thanks to their better elasticity! No more tits that clash chaotically with each stride! And as for the irritations… what irritations? So the next time you're heading to the gym or heading out for a run with your sweetheart, be equipped with a real sports bra !

      racer back bra

      3 - Bralette

        The bralette is not just a bra, it's a real means of expression ! You don't put it on just because it's beautiful, but because you want to feel beautiful as much as you want people to think you're pretty ! It can be guessed under a blouse or simply without anything else giving the feeling of being more dressed than with a simple bra . I grant you, it is a bit exaggerated! But it works and it's the ultimate bra for trendy parties! So whether it's boosted or natural , be ready to make an impact!

        triangle bralette

        4 - The invisible bra

          It was on a wedding day that I realized (a bit belatedly) that I would have preferred to know about invisible bras earlier. Not that under my dress I didn't appreciate having put on my most beautiful lace , but it was actually because it was slightly above my neckline that it bothered me. It was however as white as my outfit, but it contrasted with its embroidery and was therefore not as discreet as I would have liked.

          In order not to repeat this “mistake” at other times in which I had to dress like a Disney princess , I opted for something much more discreet ! Yes, I could also have left nothing on, but I'm not a big fan of "style nipples"! Invisible bras are therefore perfect for those occasions when you want to make sure that the only thing you want people to notice is you, and not what you're wearing underneath !

          invisible bra

          5 - The triangle bra

            For me it's the sexiest and most versatile of everyday bras and it's not for nothing that it comes in so many models ! It can be in lace , tulle or nylon , natural or padded , it combines the beautiful with the useful by releasing the chest thanks to its large neckline while remaining comfortable! It was in this form of bra that I felt pretty for the first time and that I started to really accept my little B cup. In short, you understood it, since there is something for everyone, there is some for you !

            lace triangle bra

            Well, I hope this list of essentials will help you choose the right bra depending on the situation, don't hesitate to share your top 5 in the comments and if you want another one, my top on erotic lingerie should please you!

            See you soon for new items, treat yourself in the Watsunder boutique, find the bras that look like you and complete your dressing room with our other feminine underwear for your cosy, sexy or erotic moments...

            Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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            La forme triangle j’adore, c’est toujours sexy et même si on a pas un gros bonnet ça fait un joli décolleté.


            Salut ! Merci pour ton article, il ne me manque plus que le soutien-gorge invisible j’ai donc passé commande pour être au top ce été ! 😍


            Bonne idée ce petit top merci. Personnellement il me manque que le soutien gorge invisible mais c’est juste parce que j’en ai jamais eu besoin. Je rejoins Marie d’autres tops seraient très bien.


            Salut Axelle merci pour ton top et moi qui suis sportive je ne peux qu’approuver. Faire du sport sans, que ce soit de la gym ou du fitness c’est juste plus possible quand on a essayé. Sinon mon préféré pour tous les jours c’est le triangle aussi, toujours léger et agréable. Ça serait super que tu fasses d’autres top merci!


            Salut ! Pour éviter le “téton style” comme tu dis, vous pouvez aussi prévoir un soutien-gorge autoadhésif ça fait très bien l’affaire. Sinon mon style préféré c’est le triangle aussi, ça va avec presque toutes les tenues.


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