Comment ma lingerie peut-elle sauver mon couple ?

How can my lingerie save my relationship?

If the hugs are becoming more and more rare, the little attentions are a little more discreet and you are asking yourself the question of how to save your relationship , then I will share my experience with you, hoping to be able to tell you. help as best I can.

To be clear right away, your lingerie alone will never replace dialogue , listening and respect for one another. But in joint efforts, it can play a very strong role! The main thing is to find yourself as accomplices as before, by taking up some habits sometimes lost in your routine and as I'm talking about a couple , I'm going to indirectly address your other half so that you can try to put yourself in their place. to see the situation differently. You may not recognize yourself in the different points that I am going to address, but they will still be useful for you to know, if only to anticipate a relationship that is losing its intensity, or even to advise your friends so it 'left !

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Choose the lingerie that will continue to surprise him/her

As I told you above, you must try to limit the routine because it is one of the greatest evils of couples. Remember your beginnings, as we often say, it was the best moments in the life of a couple... Well no, these are the words of those who gave up their role of seduction to enter that of "Well, that's it, I'm stuck". Like many things, your couple needs to be maintained, it takes effort and on both sides! So to start, become a seductress again ! If the years have passed, he knows your lingerie and unfortunately he gets tired of it. While at the very beginning you liked to choose your underwear to please him and he enjoyed seeing you in them, well you absolutely have to get out of this routine where nothing surprises him anymore! For example, choose a style of lingerie that you have never worn, choose new colors, new shapes or even get a taste for choosing naughty underwear ! Don't forget that even if above all you have to feel good, it is also important sometimes to give in to the desires of your other half as long as it doesn't bother you or belittle you of course! See your little outfits more as objects of seduction rather than simple clothes, then you will provoke reactions just like when you started!

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Underwear to make him/her find you more attractive

This goes back to what I told you just above. You have to maintain the flame and if your intimate life is going well then everything is fine! Unfortunately today, everything moves quickly and it is sometimes much easier to look elsewhere than to look at the person who lives right next to us. Imagine that your other half no longer makes an effort, that he no longer has the feeling of having to please you, wouldn't you miss it? All those times when you found her attractive , when she made your desire rise just because you saw someone who knew how to provoke your feelings ... Well if this continues, I can assure you that one day, maybe even without realizing it, you'll start looking at others because you're making an effort and your other half isn't. Now reverse the roles and imagine that your boyfriend (or your girl) sees you like this, as someone who no longer tries to make himself sexy for certain occasions or who is satisfied with his routine. Now you understand even better how important it is to make the efforts you would make for a new relationship! For a first night, I doubt you would choose to wear one of your old Sunday cotton panties instead of a nice sexy thong ! So if you don't want your man to look away, make sure you show off, show him that others have nothing more than you! For example, you can get rid of your less attractive old underwear , to choose others that will make him say that he/she finds you hot or simply show him that you feel beautiful and that's precisely the point. which we will discuss just above!

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He/she needs to see that you take care of yourself

Whether you are a fan of makeover shows or not, you certainly know that sometimes it is difficult to take a step back from ourselves and that we do not see ourselves as others see us, how much we have let go once again sucked in by routine, by changing life, the years of a couple or going from wife to mom etc… Even if personally I am not a fan of these shows, they have the merit of waking up some people who unfortunately no longer take enough care of her and if you are one of them then it is quite possible that this will affect your life as a couple. You find excuses for lack of time or because you don't feel as beautiful as before, but once again, you're in a relationship ! And since we're talking about lingerie , you can't see anything and it does the trick, but that's not okay! If you saw your other half neglecting themselves, I imagine you would do everything to help boost their self-esteem ! So even if it hurts your ego, listen to the advice, take the time to look at yourself and see what you don't like and especially what he or she no longer wants!

Taking care of yourself is not only a question of appearance but also and above all of state of mind ! Know one thing, wearing beautiful lingerie gives you confidence! It's like putting on a disguise, you then take on the role of a woman who feels beautiful, who has the power to seduce and you can feel it without even having to know what you're wearing! So choose underwear that makes you feel good, bras of different colors for different occasions, wear panties or thongs whatever as long as you feel good about yourself and then you will see that the simple fact of you seeing full of confidence, will strengthen the look that your other half has on you!

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As you have read, these are little tips but they are absolutely essential and to convince you of this, just imagine having to start a new relationship tomorrow without applying any of them, you will see then that it will not be to your advantage or that you will come across a guy who will neglect himself just as much! So even if saving your couple is done by two , fulfill your part of the contract, take a walk in the shop and become as attractive as in your first days!

I hope these few lines have helped you, do not hesitate to share your comments to help future readers and if it can also help you strengthen your couple, I invite you to read my article What lingerie wear to play two naughty games , you will see that you will have enough to keep the flame that unites you alive while strengthening your self-confidence!

Axelle, Watsunder blogger

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Merci beaucoup pour les conseils.
Moi personnellement j’ai pas eu beaucoup histoires d’amour mais j’ai toujours pris soin de moi pour rester jolie auprès de mon chéri. Maintenant que je suis suis posée avec lui je fais encore ce qu’il faut pour lui plaire, pas tous les jours bien sûr mais c’est très important selon moi.


Merci pour ton article !


Merci pour ton article. Moi qui prend toujours soin de moi je fais tout pour garder mon chéri et j’ai de la chance lui aussi. Je ne mise pas tout sur mes sous vêtements mais je sais que ça lui fait plaisir alors je continue comme ça.


Salut et merci pour ton article. C’est vrai qu’il faut toujours faire des efforts mais pas facile quand c’est que d’un côté. Du coup je me fais belle pour moi et ça peut paraître égoïste mais d’expérience ça fait du bien et on montre à l’autre qu’on peut toujours plaire.


Merci pour ton article, oui il faut toujours faire des efforts et même si la lingerie ne fait pas tout, c’est comme se maquiller il faut le faire juste pour prendre soin de soi et faire plaisir.


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